Roadside Romeo Merchandised by Hot Muggs

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Hot Muggs, a stylised drinkware concept, has entered into an alliance with Yash Raj Films for producing licensed merchandise on Roadside Romeo. With about a dozen characters in Roadside Romeo, this is the first animated film with an India-U.S. co-production of Yash Raj Films and the Walt Disney Company, and is scheduled for release on October 24, 2008.

With the concept of film merchandising catching on in the Indian film industry, Hot Muggs has integrated a first time concept of incorporating cool one-liners from the movie like "Tension Not", "Stay Cool" and "I'm Good Na" on the mugs. These mugs will not only appeal to the movie lovers but also to a wider audience who emote with the appeal and positioning of the characters from the movie.
The merchandise has been designed, manufactured and marketed by Hot Muggs, and will be available at malls, bookstores, and concept shops in over 40 cities across the country. Cartoon characters-based merchandising market is expected to be in the region of Rs.300 crore. Hot Muggs plans to promote the merchandise through a multi-channel promotional campaign with emphasis on below-the-line activities and other promotional programs.

Mr.Rishi Jain, Managing Director - Hot Muggs, said, "The product class of Hot Muggs, the concept of entertainment, funkiness, adventure, adaptability has an ideal connect with Roadside Romeo. Characters such a Romeo - a small cute looking pet of a super rich human family, Laila - the hottest girl ever, Charlie Anna - the dreaded Don of the Slum, these characters lend themselves to being merchandised. We are upbeat about the fact that we not just offering a product or merchandise, but an object of desire that one would want to own."


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