Mallika's looks deadly in Jennifer Lynch's Hissss

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A new awtar for Mallika Sherawat. The Bollywood hottie is all set to play the role of a 'Naagin' in the Bollywood- Hollywood co-production, Hissss, directed by renowned Hollywood director Jennifer Lynch.

The film, which also stars Irrfan Khan, is about the vengeance of a 'Naagin' (The Snake Woman) and is produced by Govind Menon & Vikram Singh. From the looks of it, a lot of detailing and effort seems to have gone in getting the right look for Mallika Sherawat's character. Mallika's character is of a snake that transforms into a stunningly attractive woman.
Robert Kurtzman, one of the greatest special effects artists of the West, has been entrusted with the job of giving the right look for Mallika in this film.The kind of make-up used is MUFX (prosthetic make-up) which is a technology that has won numerous awards. Two make-up artists have been working on Mallika's look and the material she wears is so slimy that at times it just sticks to the skin. What's interesting is that Madame Sherawat can't even move in her natural way with her make-up and at times is even carried to the sets. As for those scary eyes, Mallika is seen wearing some really huge contact lenses to get the desired effect.

Bollywood has seen films like Naagin, Nagina and Jaani Dushman, which had actors transform into snakes and seek revenge but going by the detailing and styling gone into getting the right look for the Snake Woman in this film, we can safely say that this is a first of its kind in Bollywood.


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