Dhoom 3 - A multistarrer featuring Aamir and Shah Rukh

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Aditya Chopra is planning Dhoom 3 as a multistarrer that will feature the two Khans, Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan and a guest role for Hrithik Roshan.

He also plans to settle scores with Sanjay Gadhvi director of the first tow Dhooms. Sanjay Gadhvi who was given a break by Yash Raj has left the Yash Raj camp and ventured out with Shree Ashtavinayak Cine Vision. So Aditya Chopra has given the reins of the film to script writer Vikram Krishna Acharya. Acharya makes his directorial debut with Dhoom 3.

Acharya wrote the screenplay and dialogue of both Dhoom versions and the dialogue for Pyaar Ke Side Effects, and is writing the script for Dhoom 3 as well. Aditya Chopra, who plans to make Dhoom 3 one of the biggest extravaganzas ever, makes it a point to be present during scriptwriting sessions.

Aditya Chopra has big plans for the sequel. “Adi wants to make it a multi-starrer. It all depends on how the script shapes up but he’s definitely keen on pairing both the Khans together for the first time and also Hrithik Roshan.


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