Salman in tears for Shahrukh Khan

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Shahrukh spoke about his spat which took place at Katrina’s birthday bash regularly, but Salman has hardly spoken in media.Like King Khan, Salman was also hurt for loosing a close friend. Salman was uninvited at SRK’s birthday but his family graces the occasion. While speaking to media about the fight, he was in tears.

When asked what he thinks about his family participating Shahrukh’s party, he remarked, "If they want to participate in SRK’s family events they are more than welcome to do that. But don’t you think that it’s a kind of a joke that from one side it’s straight from the heart one family and from one family it’s straight from the brain?"

Salman then went onto state that it was Shahrukh who told the media about their little disagreement. "As soon as Shahrukh left the party, he started calling up the media! I didn’t speak till one week after the fight because he was trying to put me in the middle of something which is not cool from any angle! That is the time I stood up and started speaking. There is no reason for disrespect. Everybody messes up. I have messed up also not once but so many times, without any malice, any manipulation or agenda. If things go wrong between two buddies we say 'okay buddy let’s hang out together and sort it out' but if you are going to mess up and disrespect me then forget it,” said a tearful Salman.

Hope, the two patch up soon and become bosom friends again.


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