Aamir Khan´s only regret in life - A Desire Unfulfilled

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Even great people have unfulfilled Dreams. Well the perfectionist proves so. Aamir is said to be one of the best actors in the Indian film industry but even he regrets to say that he has one regret in his life and the genius can do nothing about it.

The only regret in Aamir’s life is that if he could have his way, he would have undertook a trip covering all parts of India, especially the rural areas, so as to know the reactions of the audience better.

He says that it could have aided him in becoming a more complete actor as well as a better human being. But since the actor is so big an icon that he cannot skip an eye and cannot go unnoticed so Aamir can’t do it now and hence tags it as one of his biggest regrets.

Khan regrets the fact that nobody gave him this crucial piece of advice when he was starting out as an actor, and says that is the reason it took him longer to learn the antics.


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