The cover of Verve has Karisma Kapoor for this Month

18:20 Posted by Cool Blogger

The latest issue of Verve has got the 'Miraculous' Karisma Kapoor all over again. Karisma who is in her sparkling avatar is indeed a treat to watch coz' she is back and glamorous as ever. This issue is a special edition that contains the 'Best Dressed' women who might be from different profession and attire but are still threaded together by their distinctiveness and sex appeal.
Apart from the graceful Karishma,some other 'power-packed' women also include the likes of Parmeshwar Godrej, Katrina Kaif, Priyaraje Scindia and Simone Singh. Well, if this is not enough, then, feast your eyes with the 'Rocking' dude Farhan Akhtar! all in all.

A must-read issue for each one of you!


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