Mugdha Godse sparks fire on cover of FHM INDIA

16:29 Posted by Cool Blogger

New Year has brought lots of Surprises… But this one is not a surprise for any one. She was admired and much talked about for her hot looks and outspoken behavior in Fashion. And Now she sparks fire on the Cover of January Issue of the Style Mag. FHM India. She is the hot and Sensuous “Mugdha Godse”.

She looks simply ravishing in the black attire and add to it the killing looks. It is enough to make a lasting Impression. And if that is not enough she has many secrets to reveal in the one on one interview. She tells how her life has changed from being a super model to a movie Star.

When asked about her Ideal Man she says, “I love men who have a certain dignity about them. The way they carry themselves, the way they treat others and themselves. I love dignified men!”

This and much More in the January issue of FHM INDIA. So just “Check It Out


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