Forrest Gump could be Aamir's next Project

23:44 Posted by Cool Blogger

After the mega success of Ghajini, which was a remake of a Tamil Movie, Aamir Khan is looking at a Hollywood hit for his next venture. Aamir Khan is totally transfixed by Forrest Gump, the Tom Hanks picture that grossed millions in 1996.

The movie has impressed Aamir so much that on being asked which film he would choose to do as a Hindi remake after Ghajini, he says, “It’s Tom Hank’s Forrest Gump."

Forrest Gump is the story of a man with a low IQ. He accomplishes great things in his life and is present during significant historical events. But despite all that he has achieved, his one true love eludes him. The film is a 1994 comedy-drama. It is based on the 1986 novel by Winston Groom.

His current movie Ghajini is also a remake of the Tamil film of the same name and Aamir says that the concept of 15 minutes of memory loss impressed him very much.


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